Use the guide below to help you in your role as Table Topics Master.

Pre-prepare 12 questions to ask the members and up to 2 visitors.  Do not make your questions lengthy. 

Ensure whether the visitors wish to participate.  If yes, pick an easy question towards the end. 

Refer to the Program and complete the Table Topics Priority Guide.

Provide the Uneven and Even Evaluators with a list of their questions. 

When introduced by the Chairman, approach the lectern and accept control of the meeting.  As this session is scheduled early in the meeting, be prepared to welcome latecomers.

Give any instructions you consider necessary (e.g. explain your theme and what you expect participants to do).

 Introduce the Timekeeper and ask for a bell at 50 seconds and 2 bells & applause at 60 seconds.

Introduce the two Evaluators.

Announce the question number, ask the question, and then nominate a person to answer it, according to the Table Topics Priority Guide.

After the questions have been completed, introduce the Toast. (Have a glass with you to be able to join in the toast)

Introduce the Uneven Evaluator

Introduce the Even Evaluator

At the end of the session, thank the participants and hand control of the meeting back to the Chairman.

Ideas for Table Topics questions:
* Newspaper or magazine articles
* Search web for strange/unusual words and ask for creative/ fictitious definitions
* Hold a debate
* Yellow Pages – open up randomly, asking the person to explain the business
* Have questions relating to a theme, eg Easter, Halloween
* Have an ongoing story – set the scene and ask for what happens next
* Use our compilation of Table Topics questions