Take control of the meeting after being introduced by the President.  Be authoritative; insist that all remarks be made through the Chair.
A Chairman should be fair but firm, diplomatic, and objective but above all else, the most important quality a chairman should possess is impartiality.  To maintain impartiality a Chairman should not Move (but may Second), or speak to motions as this may either sway uncommitted members or discourage some members from openly opposing the Chair.
A good Chairman should discourage a few members from monopolising and manipulating the debate by encouraging all members to express their views thereby achieving a fair democratic resolution.
The Chairman should follow the Chairman’s Agenda.

The purpose of the Humour Spot is to entertain the members and visitors.  The content should take into account the sensitivities of your audience so as not to offend.

Your role is to report on word usage, grammar, pronunciation, and clichés.  Select a “word of the week” to help build members’ vocabularies.  Display the “word of the week” on the whiteboard.  When called upon by the Chairman, define the word including the proper pronunciation, definition, spelling, and use in a sentence.

Your role is to prepare twelve interesting questions for members to practice their impromptu speaking skills.  Be creative and keep the questions brief.
Remember to follow the Table Topics Master Guide and the Priority Guide.

Your role is to choose a person, organisation, or cause, you believe deserves to be toasted and deliver a one-minute proposal.
Conclude by asking people to rise and join you in the toast.
Thank the audience: “Thank you, please be seated.” (don’t leave the audience stranded).

The role of the Parliamentarian is to act as a consultant to the Chairman when they request advice or information relative to the principles of meeting procedure, and to evaluate and deliver a report on the conduct of the business session.

The role of the MC is to ensure that the second half of the meeting is well run and to act as a genial host. The meeting should run smoothly, on time, and enhance the other presentations.
Obtain the necessary information to properly introduce each speaker. This includes biographical data, speech title, project, and speaking time.
Follow the procedure outlined in the MC Guide for Meetings.

Your role is to offer, on behalf of the meeting, a few words of appreciation to the speakers for their efforts, and to lead the meeting in showing that appreciation by acclamation.  This should take about one minute.

Your role is to deliver a helpful one-minute educational report.

Your role is to deliver a one-minute presentation on any topic of your choice.

One of the skills learned in Toastmasters, is how to conduct a program or deliver a speech within strict time limits.  Provide yourself with the Timekeeper’s Sheet, stopwatch, timing lights, and bell.    

Your duty is to review and assess the entire meeting and evaluate those members who have not already been evaluated, and present the Rainbow Award to the member who has ‘bettered their best’.