The Confident Communicator Program is designed to give you a foundation in the basics of public speaking and includes: 

Six speeches on any topic of your choice (workbook supplied)
Note: Speeches presented in Speechcraft may be transferred to this award. Speechcraft manual to provide the basics of public speaking to become a confident communicator.

1. Icebreaker
2. Organise Your Speech
3. Get to the Point
4. Your Body Speaks
5. Vocal Variety
6. How to Say It

You must also complete the following club roles:

* Chairman
* Topics Master
* MC
* Speech Evaluator
* Vote of Thanks
* Toast
* Grammarian

Upon completion of the program, you will be presented with the Confident Communicator Award and a letter detailing your achievement can also be sent to your employer. 


1. Use the educational information in the workbook to complete the 6 speaking projects.
2. Speech projects completed at Speechcraft are transferable.
3. Perform the roles listed above during Alpha Toastmasters club meetings.
4. Complete the matrix and award application.
5. Submit your award application to the Vice President Education.